AberOWL is a framework for ontology-based access to biological data. It consists of a repository of bio-ontologies, a set of webservices which provide access to OWL(-EL) reasoning over the ontologies, and several frontends which utilise the ontology repository and reasoning services to provide access to specific biological datasets.

Web Repository

The web-based repository front-end provides many features underpinned by reasoned access to ontologies.

Uploading ontologies

To do this you must first create an account, then fill out the form on the upload page. It is probably a good idea to check whether an ontology exists first. You can also upload new versions of an existing ontology once you have claimed it.

Querying ontologies

Class Query

AberOWL provides semantic access to ontologies. It performs OWL-EL reasoning over a repository of ontologies using the ELK reasoner and answers queries over single ontologies or the full AberOWL ontology repository. Ontologies in AberOWL are identified by their name, and queries are performed in Manchester OWL Syntax. Class names in Manchester OWL syntax are rendered using the rdfs:label property of the class, and class names containing a space are surrounded by single quotes. To query an OWL class description, type the class description in Manchester OWL syntax in the query box. Make sure to select the kind of query: retrieve subclasses, equivalent classes, or superclasses of the class description.

Downloading Description Logic Queries' Logs

To download the description logic queries' log file, click on this link. The log file is in text format and each log entry is a Json object. Where log entry contains information about the query executed, type of query, ontology acronym and time of query execution.